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The Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SSSD) awards annually two prizes (10.000 Norwegian Crowns each) to young investigators, who have published important papers within the field of experimental and clinical diabetes research.
  1. The candidates for the award should be 35 years or less by December 31 2016
  2. The paper should have been published during 2016, and the candidate should be the first author of the paper.
  3. An application for the award sent by the candidate, including date of birth, should be sent together with a pdf copy of the paper electronically to the Chairman of the Society Bjørn Olav Åsvold, bjorn.o.asvold@ntnu.no to arrive not later than February 1st 2017.
  4. The two winners of the award will be notified by the middle of February 2017. The award is contingent upon each awardee presenting her/his paper during a 15 min presentation at the Annual meeting in Nyborg, Denmark May 19-21 2017. Travel and meeting expenses will be covered separately.


All members of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SSSD) are allowed to nominate prize winners.

Eligible to receive the prize are researchers who have provided important contributions within the field of experimental or clinical diabetes research. The main part of the research to be evaluated should have been performed in the Nordic countries. The prize winner will be selected by the members of the board of the SSSD.

Nominations should be sent electronically to Bjørn Olav Åsvold, bjorn.o.asvold@ntnu.no, to arrive not later than December 1st , 2016. Nominations should include name and address of the suggested prize winner, a short CV, name of the nominating person and arguments for the choice (altogether maximum three pages)

The prize winner will deliver the Knud Lundbeck lecture at the meeting of the SSSD in Nyborg, Denmark, May 19th-21st 2017. The prize includes 20 000 Norwegian Crowns as well as travel (by economy flight) and meeting expenses.